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Turkish Energy Market Data

When you subscribe to TEMI, you can reach all the current and historical data of Turkish Energy Market easily and without losing time.

Everyday we are working hard to add new data sources to our database. Until we add new sources, data that you can access is listed below;

Turkish Energy Market Data

  • Day Ahead Market
  • Balancing Power Market
  • Turkish Derivatives Exchange, Power Contracts
  • Cross-border Trading Capacity Auctions
  • TEMI MCP (DAM - Market Clearing Price) Expectation Surveys

Turkish Grid Supply/Demand Data

  • Power Productions
  • Installed Capacity
  • Available Capacities
  • Peak Demand
  • Cross-Border

Foreign Markets Data

  • Brent Crude Oil Spot
  • Natural Gas Spot
  • Greek Day Ahead Market
  • Romanian Day Ahead Market

Indicative and Supportive Data

  • TEMI Turkish Temperature Index – Hourly Actual and Forecast Values
  • Hourly Actual and Forecast Values (up to 7 days) for 12 different regions of Turkey
  • Exchange Rates (EUR, USD)